Patriots Fans


Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl in 2001 when I was 6, but I still remember that moment like it was yesterday. It’s actually the first memory I have of the Patriots and Tom. Since then he has made it tradition in New England to win. Now that he is heading to his 7th Super Bowl, I have seen a lot of people hating on Brady for various reasons. They also hate on Patriots fans calling us immature and obnoxious. I think there is a different word for it though. That word is confident, sometimes to the point of cockiness. This is what happens when a generation of now young adults grows up only knowing the Patriots with Tom Brady. He has taught us to be confident people. I have doubted Tom Terrific before, and he has proved me wrong. It’s not just Tom Brady that created this Ego though, it’s also thanks to David Ortiz, one of the most clutch baseball players of all time. Even though a lot of us weren’t alive to see these people play, the Big Bad Bruins of the 70’s and 80’s led by Orr and Bourque as well as the Celtic dynasty led by Bird and Russell, these people have played a big part of the ego pats fans have, but in my generation no icon has done this more than Tom Brady. Add to that a surrounding cast of players who overachieved there original expectations, it makes it hard to not be obnoxiously fanatic about our teams. The Patriots have proven time and time again that it doesn’t matter who we have on our side and who you have on your side (aside from Eli) we will come out on top, and when we don’t win it all we are still contenders. So if you ever find yourself asking why Patriots fans are so annoying, remember that it’s because we’ve earned it.


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