Why I Dislike Like the NBA

I don’t like the NBA very much.

It’s not that I don’t even like basketball, because I love watching college basketball, there is just something about the NBA that makes it very hard for me to watch.

Part of this, I think, is because I have no affiliation with an NBA team. I root for the Celtics if I had to choose, but I have never actually been to a full game. Until recently I had no college affiliation either. Even before I came to Louisville though I enjoyed college basketball, but mostly only during March Madness.

There’s something about making a bracket and watching underdogs win that makes you feel attached to the teams even though there is no affiliation. There is no way for me to get that feeling from the NBA where only 16 teams make the playoffs and it’s usually the same ones year after year.

I also love dynasties in sports, as you can see by my love for the Patriots, but in the NBA it’s the same teams re-matching in the finals year after year. I can’t remember the last time Lebron wasn’t in the championship. For most professional sports, a new season is a new slate for all and all are contenders, some teams are expected to be weak but for the most part anyone can beat anyone. In basketball though, I could name you 5 teams and I will guarantee one will win the championship. Cleveland, Golden State, OKC, Boston, and San Antonio. One of them will win it all. And one of them will probably win the year after that.

The last reason I don’t like the NBA is because it doesn’t even look like they’re trying. Sometimes they may actually not be trying, but the majority of the time this is just because they are so good that they make it seem like they are not trying. It makes it very boring to watch and it lacks entertainment.


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