Tom Brady Took His Super Bowl Jersey



As we all know, Tom Brady won his 5th Superbowl a few weeks ago.

One of the biggest stories following this Superbowl victory was that Tom Brady’s game jersey was stolen. They say that he put it in his bag after the game and then he couldn’t find it afterwards.

But I think otherwise. The security at the Superbowl is extremely tight. So that means a teammate or a security guard, possibly media as well, would have gone in Brady’s bag and taken the jersey without being detected, hid the jersey and then left.

I think that Tom Brady put his jersey into his bag and just said it was stolen. It makes sense because the NFL would likely take that jersey to be put in the hall of fame or the Patriots would have used it for something. So by stealing his own jersey he would be able to keep it without anyone knowing he had it, and then be able to give it to his mom who was battling cancer and he played the game for.

It’s the perfect crime done for the perfect reason. Until someone actually brings up some evidence otherwise this is one of the most convincing sides yet. And someone may say that he would be able to just keep it if he wanted to, which may be true, but is that a risk worth taking when you know the commissioner has it out for you already? I think not,so Brady hopped on the opportunity to keep the jersey without anyone knowing and fooling everyone just as he has fooled defenses all year.



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