Why are There Almost No Skate Parks in Louisville?

I am from a little town in South Central Massachusetts. Growing up a lot of kids in my town skateboarded. We had a pretty nice skate park right in the center of town. By nice I mean it was all metal, and really not much for beginners. Compared to any park you would see on tv or at a contest, our park wasn’t anything special, but it was our park. The Charlton kids went to that park. If someone was there not from Charlton we knew, not that it was a problem, we were just a tight knit community and even if you didn’t really know someone you knew of them. It was like this in every town, as pretty much every town had its own skate park.

As I became more serious with hockey in high school, skateboarding took a back seat due to my fear of injuring myself for hockey. It stayed that way up until my college hockey career ended just a few weeks ago and  got a free skateboard from someone I work with.

Now I am in Louisville, Kentucky looking to start skating again. If you look up skate parks in Louisville, the Extreme park pops up, which looks awesome, as well as riot skate park. Both look great, although riot seems a little small. After that though… Nothing. It seems odd to me because Kentucky is a lot warmer than Massachusetts and has a lot more skateable weather throughout the year. Yet here is Kentucky with 2 skate parks in an entire county and Massachusetts has at least one for every other town.

Maybe this is because there are more snowboarders in Massachusetts who need something to do in the summer leading to more skating, but still it would be nice to see Louisville or Kentucky in general start to put up more spots for kids to skate.


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